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London based designer Tim Sprules founded Forma Studios in 2015. The studio designs and fabricates architectural castings, bespoke furniture and sculptural elements. The team work on residential and commercial projects in and around London but also ship Worldwide.

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Tim Sprules is a London based designer and Head of Design at Forma Studios.

His exploration of his chosen materials have allowed him to build an extensive range of works and given him the flexibility in design that only a liquid moulded and formed can allow.

Minimalism and sculptural form have been the foundation of his work but modernism, natural processes and the intricacy of nature can be seen as heavy influencers.

His work is a culmination and balance of fine attention to detail and his willingness to accept, appreciate, and draw upon the honesty of his materials. He is firm believer that equal pleasure should be drawn from the ‘hands-on’ fabrication process as to the viewing, use and reflection in the finished piece.




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