No Longer just 50 shades of grey…………..

A refined material that’s lightweight and durable and doesn’t break the bank. Concrete is now becoming a true alternative to stone and marble due to advances in pigmentation and fabrication techniques. 

As a fabricator of concrete products you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that when we first started out most of the work we produced was in natural concrete finishes, light grey / dark grey.

However, since developing our client base and getting repeat business, many of the cast pieces we now fabricate, whether they be concrete worktops, concrete basins, concrete wall panels, concrete tiles or even concrete furniture, tend not to be grey at all. More and more of our clients are commissioning work in white concrete or pigmented concrete.

Whilst it is not a revelation that concrete can be white or pigmented what’s not widely known in the interiors world are the finishes that we can achieve with this material.

Typically natural concrete made from Portland cement has variations in colour and texture across the surface of finished pieces.  When we use refined white cements however we get very pristine surfaces with a consistent texture and colouration. The surface has depth, is solid, tactile and cool to touch, feels like stone and offers a refinement that synthetic surfaces cannot.

Whilst technically classified as concrete, visually this material is the polar opposite to most people’s typical preconceptions of the material. We are seeing it being used as a unique finish in its own right but also as a substitute for marble and stone. As a liquid that can be formed and moulded it allows designers and homeowners to be more creative than stone or marble can allow, seams and joints are a thing of the past and bespoke dimensions and designs are more achievable.

To the untrained eye the basin below is a made from white stone. Most people would be forgiven for thinking that it was carved from a solid block of white marble. To achieve this in any other material than concrete would be very costly and not to mention wasteful, casting, as a process is very efficient as little or no material is wasted.

This floating white concrete sink below with a concealed slot drain was wall mounted and was almost three meters long cast in one piece.  We strive to make all our pieces as lightweight as possible to save material and reduce weight offering our clients more opportunities to create unique designs.


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